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DC ASIA announces deployment of DCPro training and certification in Japan

DC ASIA announces deployment of DCProfessional Development’s (DCPro’s) Data Center training and certification courses to meet the expanding data center industry’s demand for skilled mission critical professionals in Japan. The accelerating shift from on-premises to cloud-services has been accompanied by ever more stringent requirements for SLAs, provisioning capacity/speed and price: In this environment, the skill of teams and personnel is a major differentiator in selected service providers.

“There is a clear link between investing in staff and their development and the reduction of operation risk, downtime and cost within the data center. DC ASIA and DCPro will enabling organizations to upskill, keep up with constantly evolving best practices and acquire news skills in a fast-paced industry with engaging cost-effective training, translating to a competitive edge for data centers.” - Simon Banham, Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director DCD Group & DCProfessional Development.

DCPro have tailored their career progression framework around the core disciplines of the data center industry. Over 8,000 data center professionals from world-leading organizations such as CBRE, JLL, Equinix and ISS having completed their accredited courses.“As a global facilities player, we have to invest in training as there is a clear link to reducing operational risk across the fleet of data centers and critical environments we manage,” says Martin Jolly - Global Head of Engineering at ISS World Services A/S. “This new platform will allow us to benchmark critical facilities staff and provide them a tailored training programme that up-skills them where necessary in key areas of data center design, operations and management. So far our staff have given very positive feedback to the courses and our clients are pleased to support ISS’s professional development initiatives.”

“I welcome DC ASIA’s announcement. DCPro’s training and certification program is developed and delivered by industry experts and internationally recognized as best practice in the data center industry.
I have been awaiting DCPro’s deployment in Japan. I believe DCPro will contribute to the enhancement of competitiveness within the Japanese Data Center industry.” - Masataka Shiino, Chair of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC39 Committee, certified trainer of United States Department of Energy

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